Birthday gift

If you want to discover the present you must try to get it.


About @bptraveller

If a picture does indeed speak a thousand words, then Daniel Murillo Mir’s and Ingrid Molano's photojournalistic site speaks volumes. They allow their photographs to be their narratives about the places they have visited. Follow Daniel’s and Ingrid's trail of travels, which are presents to us through the lens of their camera. By Gretchen L. Wilson-Kalav, Travel Blogs editor.
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4 Responses to Birthday gift

  1. Tania says:

    Llévenme!!! Yo quiero!!!!!!!!!! Besos!!!!!

  2. Ingriña says:

    Me encanta tu cabecita inquieta llena de ideas, talento y ganas de hacer cosas. Me gusta mucho que veamos, y hagamos fotos juntos. Es genial tenerte como compañero de safaris. Y esto es solo el principio, porque lo quiero todo contigo. Nuestra gran historia llena de grandes fotos. Te quiero mucho amor meu

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